Friday, May 9, 2014

The Double is not my cup of tea

5 second plot: A sweet but very shy guy one day meets his identical self at work. They look exactly the same, but no-one else notices. The big difference is in the way they act. The new guy is the complete opposite of the old one: not shy at all, good with the ladies and working his way up in the company without any knowledge whatsoever.

5 second review: You will either love or hate this movie. It's not... well... normal. It kinda looks and feels like a Metropolis (you know, the movie from 1927) remake. It's one big exercise in 'style'. It’s a movie that a director makes for himself, not for his audience. I personally didn't think very much of it, so I'm not going to go with 'love'. 

IMDb score: 6,7/10
Our score: 2/10