Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Brink Season 1 Episode 1-3

5 second plot:

Ep 1: The Pakistani government is overthrown by a psychotic lunatic. The US government is trying to decide whether or not to bomb the shit out of their nuclear missile sites and possibly start WW III. Luckily they have an asset on the ground. Sadly it's Jack Black.

Ep 2: Alex is taken in for interrogation, as they think he is a CIA spy. Walter tries to score with the pretty translator and tries to prevent the president from ordering an air strike. The two jet pilots who are on their way for that air strike accidentally take a wrong pill and shoot down an Indian drone.

Ep 3: Alex found a guy that wants to move against the nut-case that is running Pakistan. All he needs to do is get to Walter. But Walter's not doing well. His dick hurts.

5 second review: Now this is some funny shit! There seems to be no break on this one. I am thoroughly enjoying this. Especially the foul language. Not so much the penis close-ups.

IMDb score: 7,7/10
Our score: 9,5/10