Friday, October 21, 2016

Ouija: Origin of Evil is just a tiny bit scary

5 second plot: It's 1967. A widowed mom and her two daughters make their money by holding seances. The whole thing is a scam, but they seem to be helping people so they don't feel too guilty about it. One day, mom buys a Ouija board to help improve their act. But in doing so they invite a very evil spirit into their world.

5 second review: This is not an all out horror movie. It gets a bit scary eventually but it's still only mildly disturbing. It's a very simple story (which is good) with decent characters. The ball is dropped a couple of times (for instance: no-one seems to be shocked when a dead body is suddenly hanging from the ceiling) but overall it's pretty good. But not if you were expecting a big, bloody and scary horror movie.

IMDb score: 6,5/10
Our score: 7/10