Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Handmaid's Tale Season 1 is bleak

5 second plot: Humanity has become infertile. Only a few babies are born. The US has been taken over by traditional fundamentalists. Their solution to the problem is to gather up the fertile woman and have them impregnated by the leaders of the country. Offred is one of those women.

5 second review: For a world where they are scared not to have enough people they sure are killing a lot of them. It's a bleak story (more drama than sci-fi) that slowly unfolds over the course of ten episodes. Sometimes it feels a little bit stretched out, but I don't think they could have fitted this in a normal length movie. Elisabeth Moss' performance is amazing. The way she has to switch from one extreme emotion (trying to keep her shit together) to another is unreal.

IMDb score: 8,7/10
Our score: 7,5/10