Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 16: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life 

5 second plot: Complete SPOILER ahead! Dwight (Negan's top guy) convinces Rick and his crew that he wants to switch sides. Alexandria prepares to attack Negan on the next visit. But they get double crossed by the all-dressed-in-black-fuckers (I knew it!). Alexandria narrowly escapes the wrath of Negan thanks to the Kingdom and the Hilltop.

5 second review: Will this Negan nightmare never end? I guess not. It's a very emotional and tense episode. But the final battle is confusing and doesn't seem to add up. And as a final note on the season: it felt like every episode was produced by an entirely different crew. I'm not too fond of this 'let's try something different every episode' style.

IMDb score: 7,6/10
Our score: 7/10