Wednesday, October 11, 1978

The Driver is mega cool

5 second plot: Cowboy, a.k.a. The Driver is a getaway car ... ahem... driver. He's the best in the business. A dirty cop tries to set him up. The result: lots of cool car chases. Now I know where Ryan Gosling got his mad driving skills from.

5 second review: This guy doesn't even wear a seatbelt while driving like a maniac. He's that cool. He doesn't even blink when he's being shot at (while driving like a maniac). He does some weird crazy shit though (crazy '70s shit). At one point he totally destroys a dudes car just because he doesn't want to work with him. You coulda just said so man. And what's up with this weird van the cops are driving?

IMDb score: 7,2/10
Our score: 8,5/10