Thursday, September 22, 1994

Seinfeld Season 6 flirts with perfection

5 second plot: This 6th season someone pees on Jerry's new couch. George finds the woman of his dreams. She thinks his BS is interesting. He tells her he loves her and doesn't get the 'I love you' back. Twice. We find out that Kramer's first name is Cosmo. We also find out that Jerry watches Melrose Place. And that he can't handle orgies. Elaine's boss puts her in his will but then some weird stuff happens that make it look like she's trying to kill him.

5 second review: Some of the episodes are truly classic. I especially like everything that has to do with George and his job. It's brilliant. He's always making plans. And everything always backfires. Everyone is getting mixed up in these unfortunate painful events.

IMDb score: 8,9/10
Our score: 9/10