Friday, December 14, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is everything it's supposed to be

5 second plot: A hobbit, a wizard and a bunch of dwarfs are going on a dangerous adventure to kick the evil fire dragon Smaug out of the dwarf kingdom in the Lonely Mountain.

5 second review: It's quite incredible how Peter Jackson always delivers what the world expects of him, even if expectations are unbelievably high. And the stakes as well. For me, there are several moments that I don't like, mostly the big CGI scenes like the one with the trolls. But overall, it's a great adventure.

IMDb score: 8/10
Our score: 8/10

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Silent Night is very decent

5 second plot: A killer Santa selects a quiet little town to go and kill a bunch of people. And he likes to kill spectacularly. The local cops are on his tail but they don't really have the expertise to deal with this kind of psycho.

5 second review: This is a very decent slashermovie! It surprised me very much. If you are a fan of classic slashers, where blood seems to fly all over the place, this is a must see for you. Nice job. I don't understand why the IMDb score is so low. Probably because, for most people, it's not okay to fuck with Santa.

IMDb score: 5,1/10
Our score: 7/10