Monday, March 31, 2014

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 23-24: Last Forever

5 second plot: Barney and Robin get married. Flash forward three years: they divorce. Flash forward some more years: the gang isn't really a gang anymore. Oh wait, they are a little bit. But no wait, they aren't. Oh flash forward some more: the mom gets sick and dies. And old Ted asks his kids permission to pursue Robin.

5 second review: I don't know if I like the negative spiral these final episodes went in... Wait, I do know. It kind of screws up the entire show. This ending sucks. She gets sick? And dies? I don't think they could had screwed this ending up more then they did. They officially blew it.

IMDb score: 7,4/10
Our score: 2/10

Conan Season 4 Episode 66: Adam Sandler

5 second plot: Conan is in Texas all week. In this episode he gets deputized (even after randomly killing people in a test) and he gets tested on his knowledge of Texas by Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki. Adam Sandler was there to promote his new film Blend It. He also told a crazy elephant penis story. And stand up comedian Tig Notaro was wondering who would want to go swimming with diarrhea.

5 second review: Really great and funny stuff. My personal favorite: 'State flower? Beef.'. Now that's great writing. And what a big and amazingly excited crowd!

IMDb score: not yet available
Our score: 8,5/10

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16: A

5 second plot: Rick, Michonne and Carl get attacked by Daryl's new 'buddies'. But as we all know: they are messing with the wrong people. The group, minus the attackers, then arrives at Terminus. They are welcomed with open arms, but something smells fishy. And Rick knows it.

5 second review: Cannibals, I knew it! Well, we don't actually 'know' it yet, but hey, we spotted the bones together with Rick. It makes sense. I think Rick is going to get medieval on their asses. Knowing that he went legendary vicious on the guy that tried to rape Carl. "He's mine."

IMDb score: 9,3/10
Our score: 9,5/10

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Raid 2 is fucking awesome

5 second plot: Rama is at it again. This time he goes undercover to bring down a big criminal organisation. And the corrupt cops together with it. To get close to the big boss, he has to go to prison. Because that's where the son of the big boss is.

5 second review: Jesus. Fucking. Christ. This is two and a half hours filled with awesome ultra-violent fights. The story is not the main attraction here, it's all about kicking serious ass. And it's not just Rama this time, there are some other amazing characters at work. How about a beautiful deaf girl with two claw hammers? Fantastic.

IMDb score: 8,7/10
Our score: 9,5/10

The Grand Budapest Hotel is ludicrous

5 second plot: A girl is reading a story written by a guy who interviewed a guy who witnessed the life story of M. Gustave, the manager (or something like that) of the Grand Budapest Hotel in the 1930s (right?). The guy who witnessed the life story is Zero, the lobby boy that became a good friend of M. Gustave.

5 second review: It's your typical Wes Anderson movie. The same visual watermark and style as always. Only this time it's not as boring as it sometimes can become, when he drowns in his own typical colorful style. This time it's a great adventure and there is even a little bit of story to be found. If you look really close.

IMDb score: 8,3/10
Our score: 6/10

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Conan Season 4 Episode 65: Rosario Dawson

5 second plot: First some crazy info-button results in 'What Am I Watching?'. Then a promo for Jan Seat's Backting Like a Pro. Then the gorgeous, super relaxed and super friendly Rosario Dawson, promoting her new film César Chávez. Next up actor/comedian Hannibal Buress who is not a fan of Jimmy Carter's nasty hands. And musical guest Frankie Ballard.

5 second review: This is one of those episodes where everyone is sparkling with joy. You can feel that they had fun making it. It's unbelievable how much Rosario Dawson likes to touch people. She is amazing. Conan did not object. Nor did Andy. And nor did the entire band.

IMDb score: not yet scored
Our score: 9/10

Noah takes it a tad too far

5 second plot: This is the famous story of Noah, who is asked (well, not really asked) by the man upstairs to build a giant ark to save the innocent of this world (the animals) from a giant flood that will kill every not so innocent creature (humanity).

5 second review: Darren Aronofsky takes on one of the biggest and most known stories in the world and then mixes this with every possible theory on the creation of life. That's plain nuts. And then his marketing department tried to sell this movie as a spectacular event. There are some battles in it, and I did find the rock-guards bashing humans in the ground pretty cool, but if you have seen the trailer, you saw almost all of the action.

IMDb score: 6,6/10
Our score: 5/10

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Conan Season 4 Episode 64: Fred Armisen

5 second plot: First up in the show: we get the results of a Celebrity Survey. Then Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein put a bird on Conan's moon. Rachael Harris came on next. She is obsessed with Conan's skin tone. And with men's butts. And finally Conan had musical guest Lucius.

5 second review: Fun stuff. Conan laughing with himself is always great.

IMDb score: not yet scored
Our score: 8/10

Monday, March 24, 2014

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 22: The End of the Aisle

5 second plot: It's half an hour before the wedding and, of course, Barney and Robin are getting cold feet. Robin even wants to elope with Ted for a second. And Marshall and Lily renew their vows. Because apparently they have broken all their first ones.

5 second review: It's a typical great How I Met Your Mother episode, with lots of laughs but also lots of emotions and surprises. Everything is nicely buttoned up: Robin gets the locket, the slap bet is over,... The next episode is the final one (in two parts), how about that?

IMDb score: 9,4/10
Our score: 9/10

Conan Season 4 Episode 63: Jeff Garlin

5 second plot: BuzzFeed's Running Out of Lists, actor and producer (and Conan's old roommate) Jeff Garlin (who hates Need For Speed), actor and comedian Andy Dali (who has a new show 'Review') and stand-up from comedian Todd Barry.

5 second review: Jeff Garlin is so excited he screws up half his jokes, but since it's funny, he gets away with it. Later on he even starts interfering with the other guests' jokes. But there's always Conan to keep the cool. Three very funny guests I must say.

IMDb score: not yet available on posting date
Our score: 8/10

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 15: Us

5 second plot: Glenn spots Maggie's messages on the road and he eventually catches up with her. Daryl blends in with his new buddies but he doesn't really feel comfortable among them. Rick, Carl and Michonne are mainly relaxing and having fun. But it seems like Daryl's buddies are on their tail.

5 second review: The next episode is the season finale. And there are a whole bunch of loose ends that need to come to a resolution. That's not going to happen, is it? Darn it. What's up with Terminus? Is it a safe haven or the opposite? Hmmm, I wonder. I just love every new element they pump into this amazing show.

IMDb score: 9,1/10
Our score: 8/10

Friday, March 21, 2014

Rio 2 is a challenge pile-up

5 second plot: Our beautiful blue birds find out that they've got family living in the rain forest. Life over there is a lot different than the city life they are used to. The family has to stick together to take on a whole bunch of challenges coming their way.

5 second review: Funny and spectacular, that's for sure. It sometimes looks like a genuine Bollywood production. On the other hand there are way too many challenges for the poor Blu and some scenes are stretched out too long. They feel like they are only there to add minutes to the running time.

IMDb score: 6,8/10
Our score: 5,5/10

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sabotage is a big dumb mess

5 second plot: A team of hot-shot elite DEA undercover cops steals money from a drug cartel that isn't too happy with that. They lose the money (it disappears) and then someone starts taking the team members out one by one.

5 second review: I'm perfectly okay with a cool, dumb action movie. But this one is so dumb it gets painful. I felt really sorry for the cool actors. They look ridiculous. The story doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but wait until you get to the end. Then it really gets messy. One positive thing though: if they shoot someone, it's like the person's body or head explodes. That's kinda cool, right?

IMDb score: 6/10
Our score: 3/10

The 100 Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

5 second plot: Due to a nuclear war earth has become uninhabitable. 97 years after the war, a couple thousand survivors live in an orbit around the planet. With life support running low, they decide to send 100 teenagers (who were locked up in jail) to the earth's surface to test if it's safe to live down there again.

5 second review: Well, the idea is certainly promising. The concept speaks to the imagination. I don't know if it's going in the right direction though. There are a lot of cooler ways to get this party started than having them fight each other.

IMDb score: 7,7/10
Our score: 7,5/10

The Missing Picture is heartbreaking

5 second plot: Filmmaker Rithy Panh uses archival footage and clay figures to tell the story of his childhood in Cambodia when Pol Pot and the Red Khmer destroyed the country and the people living in it.

5 second review: It's devastating to learn about the atrocities committed by these crazy idealists. It's impossible not to feel moved by this very personal tale of a little boy that loses everything. Don't be discouraged by the clay figures. You just have to listen to what they have to say.

IMDb score: 7,4/10
Our score: 8/10

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Buck Wild is a cheap shot

5 second plot: Four very different guys go on a hunting trip to the Buck Wild Ranch. But the owner of the ranch gets bitten by a Chupacabra. And after that he turns into a zombie. And then he bites other people and before you know it, there are zombies everywhere.

5 second review: There was not enough money to show people getting killed, so you just hear the gunshots. The zombies look really cheap too. But if you have never seen a cheap ass crossed eyed zombie, this is your chance. I must admit I did have to laugh a couple of times, like with the Godfather discussion.

IMDb score: 4,6/10
Our score: 4/10

Divergent brings it home

5 second plot: Tris lives in a world that's gone down the shitter due to a massive war. She lives in a city that survived. The city is divided into 5 groups of people. When she takes the test to decide which group she belongs to, the results are inconclusive. This makes her a threat to the people in charge.

5 second review: Great stuff: neat cinematography, good sets and CGI, a pretty decent story and great actors. It's explained a bit extensive what this world is all about, but at least now I definitely got it. I don't know if the book readers will enjoy this one, because nothing is left to the imagination. The viewer is kept in line very strictly.

IMDb score: 7,1/10
Our score: 7/10

Monday, March 17, 2014

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 21: Gary Blauman

5 second plot: Three days after the wedding Ted is on a first date with The Mom and he tells the story of Gary Blauman. He was invited to the wedding but didn't have a place to sit. Everyone had an opinion about him: you either loved him or you hated him.

5 second review: Now that was a classic How I Met Your Mother funny episode. Quick, smart, loving, warm,... and a happy ending: I loved it. What's that I hear about a spin off? How I Met Your Dad? That's not a bad idea, right? A fresh take on the tale.

IMDb score: 9,1/10
Our score: 9/10

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 14: The Grove

5 second plot: This episode focuses on Carol, Tyreese and the 3 kids. On their way to Terminus they find a nice house they can live in for a longer period of time. Carol tries to teach the girls how to survive. But something is seriously wrong with Lizzie. She has a strange connection with the walkers.

5 second review: It's one hell of an emotional roller-coaster this one. First you feel warm and fuzzy together with the happy family. When Lizzie starts falling apart you kind of wonder if they didn't have problems enough already. And then comes the shock. Quickly followed by another one. And somehow it still ends beautifully.

IMDb score: 9,3/10
Our score: 8/10

Crisis has got some nice surprises up the sleeve

5 second plot: A school bus gets hijacked by very well organized criminals. Most of the kids on the bus have got 'special' parents: rich, smart, the president,... The kidnappers seem to want to force the parents into doing things. The FBI is on their tale. And so is one very motivated secret service agent.

5 second review: Let me just say, as a nostalgic big fan of the X-Files, wow, Gillian looks fantastic. I don't like everything about this show though. Some parts smell of amateurism (like the flash backs). But I must say there are some great surprises in this first episode. And some great familiar faces (hello there!).

IMDb score: 8/10
Our score: 6,5/10

Friday, March 14, 2014

Need for Speed is insane

5 second plot: Tobey is a street racer with great skills. He gets sent to jail for something he didn't do. When he gets out, it's time to get even with the a-hole that put him there. And there is also a lot of racing going on. Really really fast racing.

5 second review: It's not the smartest movie, but what a bunch of fun. The cars are amazing, the races are too and the stunts are great. There are cars flying all over the place. It's really really cool. And the people involved seem to be having a lot of fun: that always sparkles off the screen.

IMDb score: 7,1/10
Our score: 8/10

Veronica Mars is a mess

5 second plot: Veronica Mars was a teenage private detective ten years ago. Now she is all grown up and ready to start a career at a big law firm. But she is drawn back to her hometown because her big love from back in the day is wrongfully accused of murder. And he needs her help.

5 second review: What a mess. I got physically tired from watching this movie. The guy she is trying to save is as boring as anyone can get. And it all goes so easy, she's spotting clues everywhere. Luckily all her friends have jobs now that can help her in her search for the truth. I hope the fans weren't too disappointed.

IMDb score: 7,2/10
Our score: 3/10

Better Living Through Chemistry is a stupid title

5 second plot: Doug is an authentically good guy. Too good for the world. He's got a horrible wife that bosses him around and a weird kid he doesn't understand. And then he meets Elizabeth, a beautiful woman, married to a rich guy, and very lonesome. They hook up, he becomes a cool dude but then he takes his coolness way too far.

5 second review: No wonder this got under everyone's radar, with a title like that. It's a good movie, with a lot of great actors. Somewhere in the middle the story gets sidetracked a bit, but it all comes smoothly in place at the end.

IMDb score: 6,2/10
Our score: 7/10

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Two and a Half Men Season 11 Episode 17: Welcome Home, Jake

5 second plot: Barry is making himself feel perfectly at home at Walden's place. Walden isn't sure he's ever going to get rid of him. His house is getting crowded. Jef Strongman (aka Alan) gets serious with Larry's sister. And apparently Larry is okay with that. Lindsey not really.

5 second review: Barry cracked me up. He is magnificent. And the interaction with the old timers is amazing. He's a perfect addition to the cast. And it's beautiful what they did with the title there. Where is that little fucker anyway? One other question though: can they please have Alan put on some other underwear? It's starting to freak me out.

IMDb score: 7,5/10
Our score: 9,5/10

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 18: The Mommy Observation

5 second plot: Howard and Sheldon are driving home from their visit to NASA. Since they are in the neighborhood, they stop at Sheldon's mom's house to surprise her. Sheldon accidentally sees her having sex and freaks out. The others are in the apartment playing murder mystery 'who killed Stuart'.

5 second review: Sheldon has some really great dialogue in this episode. Mostly about how his mom is a demonic sex addict. It's overall a pretty witty episode actually.

IMDb score: 7,8/10
Our score: 8,5/10

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is spectacular

5 second plot: The Captain tries to figure out what in the world has gone wrong with S.H.I.E.L.D.. There seems to be a secret organisation within the secret organisation. Black Widow and a new friend stand beside him in the battlefield, but he also finds an old friend at the other side of the right/wrong ping pong table.

5 second review: Great, spectacular, amazing effects, fantastic speeches, completely over the top, not realistic at all and defying most odds. With two super heroes I'm very fond of: Captain America and Black Widow. Perfectly brought to the big screen by two of the most lovable actors in the world.

IMDb score: 8,3/10
Our score: 8/10

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Conan Season 4 Episode 62: Aaron Paul and Maggie Q

5 second plot: First a game with the audience called 'name that tune'. Then Aaron Paul talks about his new upcoming movie Need for Speed and how he once gave a tour bus of celebrity fans champagne. Maggie Q talks about Divergent. And stand-up comedy by Ian Karmel.

5 second review: This is a must see show for movie, TV and entertainment fans. And fans of the red god that is Conan, of course. Maggie Q looks awesome! And I never heard of Ian Karmel but he's on my watch list from now on. He's hilarious.

IMDb score: not yet available on posting date
Our score: 8/10
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher is packed with action

5 second plot: A big criminal organisation has stolen SHIELD technology to create a new type of weapon. Black Widow and Punisher team up to stop them. But they find out the problem is even bigger than they thought.

5 second review: Punisher is quite the bad ass isn't he. His ultra-violent fighting skills are pretty cool. The visuals are tight, the voices are good and the action is packed. There is one small part in the middle where the plot is explained (too) extensively, but other than that this is a pretty entertaining movie.

IMDb score: 5,7/10
Our score: 7/10