Monday, December 25, 1989

Akira is pretty awesome

5 second plot: It's 2019, 30 years after WWIII and we're in New Tokyo. Tetsuo, a member of a bike gang, is kidnapped by the military. They want to test superpowers on him. But he turns into an unstoppable super villain and starts killing people and destroying the city. It's up to the military and his bike friends to find a way out of the mess. But the mess just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

5 second review: This is an amazing movie. Visually stunning and a very powerful story. I always wonder how in earth movies like these can get made. It's awesome that someone was able to persuade someone else to get to make this. Because it must have sounded far fetched as an idea, but as a movie, it's legen ... (wfi) dary.

IMDb score: 8,1/10
Our score: 8/10