Friday, February 28, 2014

Non-Stop is pretty decent

5 second plot: An air marshal receives text messages mid transatlantic flight telling him to wire 150 million $ to an account. If he doesn't comply, every 20 minutes someone on the plane will die.

5 second review: I honestly wasn't looking forward to seeing another find-the-bad-guy movie set on a plane. But I was mistaken to doubt Liam Neeson. If you're looking for a tense action thriller, this one's pretty good. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that the bad guy's got too much information. It's pretty obvious this was necessary to fill some holes in the script.

IMDb score: 7,1/10
Our score: 7/10

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Two and a Half Men Season 11 Episode 15: Cab Fare and a Bottle of Penicillin

5 second plot: Alan proposes to Lindsey although she already said 'yes' to Larry's proposal. She rejects him and somehow Alan ends up at his ex-wife's house, gets seriously drunk and proposes to her too. And Jenny thinks her girlfriend is going to dump her.

5 second review: Alan is growing into a really nasty old guy, isn't he? There are a whole bunch of stupid sex references, but I still laughed out loud. If it feels like the crew of a TV show is having a lot of fun making it, I seem to have to laugh with everything, even if it's seriously stupid.

IMDb score: 6,9/10
Our score: 9/10

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 16: The Table Polarization

5 second plot: Leonard wants to buy a dining room table but Sheldon is scared that a change like that will turn his world into chaos. And Howard gets a call from Nasa to go to space again. He seems to have forgotten that his last trip was not a big success.

5 second review: Fun stuff. Simple as that.

IMDb score: 8,4/10
Our score: 9/10

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bullet stinks

5 second plot: To save his son from getting executed (by the state), a cartel boss kidnaps the daughter of the governor in charge. He also needs someone to confess the crimes his son did. The first name that pops in his head is Danny Trejo. So he kidnaps his grandson. Big mistake.

5 second review: This movie is horrible on every level. It's a cheap stinker of  a movie. Even the colors, the lighting and the make-up are terrible. Not to mention the story and the acting. I think I'm now officially over my urge to watch every movie Danny Trejo is in.

IMDb score: 4,4/10
Our score: 0/10

Monday, February 24, 2014

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 18: Rally

5 second plot: It's 10 hours before the wedding and Barney has got a massive hangover (and is actually unconscious). The friends team up to find all the ingredients to The Stinser Hangover Fixer Elixer.

5 second review: Beautiful. A whole bunch of fun with flash forwards and flash backwards and... Weekend at Barney's.

IMDb score: 8,5/10
Our score: 8/10

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11: Claimed

5 second plot: Glenn and Tara find out that their new friends are on a mission to save the world. Abraham is a soldier and he's protecting Eugene, a scientist that may be able to end the apocalypse. Carl, his dad and Michonne play happy family but then get unfriendly visitors. Tension rises high, but they get out just in time.

5 second review: As always: very good episode. It's great to have them searching for each other (a goal) and at the same time have them meet new people (good and bad). Not to forget that they are on the road to a new home.

IMDb score: 9,1/10
Our score: 9/10

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pompeii is crazy silly

5 second plot: A long time ago, in a place called Pompeii, a poor slave meets a rich beautiful girl. It's love at first sight. But there is an evil man that won't have it. And he tries to have the boy killed and marry the girl himself. And then the mountain explodes and everything goes even more to shit.

5 second review: What is that stupid voice they have Kiefer Sutherland talk with? Seriously, I laughed out loud, I thought I was watching a Monty Python sketch. The special effects are okay, and the six packs are okay as well, but the story is extremely dumb and feels awkwardly silly.

IMDb score: 6,4/10
Our score: 3/10

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Hungover Games is ridiculous

5 second plot: Four friends plan to have a bachelor party in a sleazy hotel. But they somehow end up in a dystopian future where they have to battle contenders from all parts of the country until only one is left alive. Thor is there, Carrie also, three Johnny Depp characters, characters from The Lord of The Rings, Django,...

5 second review: This movie is so ridiculously over the top that it gets funny from time to time. President Snowbama anyone? There are a lot of stupidly clever references to other movies. So not totally uninteresting for movie lovers. Also: lots of boobs, dildos and sex references.

IMDb score: 4,2/10
Our score: 5/10

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bad Asses is cheap

5 second plot: Danny Trejo's friend gets murdered. He partners up with Danny Glover to find the guys that did it and set things straight.

5 second review: Aren't these guys getting too old for this shit? They definitely are to wear tank tops. And be the cool dude. The movie is really cheap ass instead of bad ass. There are some good elements in the mix but most of it really isn't. The over the top white socks seal the deal.

IMDb score: 5,4/10
Our score: 3/10

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10: Inmates

5 second plot: The old gang is scattered all over the place. Most of them seem to have made it out alive. We even meet up with Tyreese, the two kids, and... the baby. And Glenn even saves one of the attackers. And now everyone is looking for everyone. Some of them find a map to a possible safe place and others run into new friends.

5 second review: There is a lot of story to be told and they are telling it. It's awesome. Also: a lot of kills in this episode. Heads are smashed all over the place. It's amazing to see how the environment the survivors now live in is changing dramatically. Nature simply goes on with its business, like nothing happened. And I just love the way they are finding inspiration in the comics, because here's Abraham!

IMDb score: 9,3/10
Our score: 10/10

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6 ends with a touch of hope

5 second plot: First there is a problem with a clone trooper that accidentally carries out order 66 and kills a Jedi. Then there's trouble with the banking clan. Next up: Jar Jar pops up to save a queen. After that the Jedi pick up an old signal from Sifo Dyas (the one that gave the order to create the clone army). Yoda has to go on a spiritual journey to solve the big mystery surrounding this.

5 second review: They sure did know how to end the season, but it seems like they ran out of ideas for the rest of the season. So it starts off a bit boring and not very interesting. But we do get some great Windu and Yoda light-saber fights and the final episodes are a good addition to the big picture.   

IMDb score: 7,9/10
Our score: 7/10 

Friday, February 14, 2014

The Returned screws up it's ending

5 second plot: There has been a zombie-outbreak, but luckily a cure is found. As long as the infected take their daily dose, they stay healthy. But now the government is running out of daily doses... And people start looking for solutions. And making bad decisions.

5 second review: It's a new twist on the zombie-tale and it's pretty well done. I did not like the ending though, but at least it's a bit surprising. It's a pretty bleak story, it's not the kind of movie that makes you feel warm and happy.

IMDb score: 6/10
Our score: 5/10

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9: After

5 second plot: Rick and Carl survived the brutal attack. The prison is lost and they are on the move. Rick is badly injured. They hide in an abandoned house and then Rick goes to sleep and doesn't seem to want to wake up anymore. So Carl is somewhat on his own. Michonne also survived. She chooses some new walker-buddies to take a hike with and is haunted by awful memories.

5 second review: As a big fan of the comics, it's always great to see that they used something from the comics in the TV show. It's an amazing episode again: lot's of action, but also emotions, loneliness, growing pains,... you name it.

IMDb score: 9/10
Our score: 9,5/10

Game of Thrones - Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing

5 second plot: With this 14 and a half minutes clip, HBO looks back at the previous season(s) and lets us take a peek at the next one: season 4, that is. If you missed the clip, it should still be available on the site of HBO. We also get to see the actors without their game face on. Which does not always add up, I must say.

5 second review: I can't wait for this party to get started again. What I remembered most about this preview is that the good guys will be fighting back, the dragons have outgrown their 'mother', the sets will be amazing and the next season will be even more spectacular than the previous ones.

Our score: 9/10

The Lives of Others is a great history lesson

5 second plot: This movie is set in Germany, in the time when the country was divided into two parts with a big stone wall between them. And we're on the wrong side of the wall. A Stasi official is monitoring the lives of a writer and his girlfriend. As he gets caught up in their lives, his strong beliefs in the official system begin to crumble.

5 second review: Unbelievable that this is actually very recent history. This was only 30 years ago. It's a very powerful story. Not only a lesson in history, but also an amazing insight in the psyche of a person as we follow his change from a terrible follower to a caring fellow human being.

IMDb score: 8,5/10
Our score: 8/10

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Lego Movie is big fun

5 second plot: Emmet is a simple construction worker in the Lego universe. He is thought to be 'The Special': the one to defeat evil President Business who wants to destroy the free Lego world.

5 second review: Beautiful, fantastic, fun, great,... I mostly enjoyed the huge amount of popular culture references. A shame that they have to ground all that fun by stupidly explaining that Lego is just a toy, managed by humans.

IMDb score: 8,1/10
Our score: 7/10

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Enemy is a tad too weird

5 second plot: Adam Bell is a history teacher who goes through life not looking very happy. One day he discovers he's got a doppelganger. He gets obsessed with finding out who this guy is.

5 second review: It's not easy connecting the dots on this one. I don't get to see many movies where I have to Google afterwards: "what the fuck is this?". It's mysterious from beginning till end but it stays logical most of the time. And then the ending totally fucked me up.

IMDb score: 6,8/10
Our score: 7/10

Two and a Half Men Season 11 Episode 14: Three Fingers of Creme de Menthe

5 second plot: Alan finds out Lindsey broke up with Larry. But Lindsey only wants to get back together with him if he marries her. Walden tries to prove to everyone that he's a real manly man. Two guesses how that's going to work out for him.

5 second review: Alan makes some weird sex jokes again. It never seems to be funny coming from his mouth. Walden is hilarious trying to be a real man. And what's up with Jenny's girlfriend. Bouyah.

IMDb score: 6,7/10
Our score: 9/10

The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 15: The Locomotion Manipulation

5 second plot: It's Valentine's Day and everyone is celebrating it in their own way. Sheldon kisses Amy on the lips. And meets a new friend that loves trains as much as he does. And Leonard and Penny almost kill Raj's dog.

5 second review: Sheldon is hilarious. He makes himself totally unpopular by ignoring Amy on Valentine's Day, but then kisses her and with that, gets himself back in the game.

IMDb score: 9/10
Our score: 9/10

The After Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

5 second plot: Due to a power and communication failure, the world (I'm guessing) falls into chaos. Eight strangers find each other locked in a basement garage. They try to figure out what's going on. The fact that all their birthdays are on the same day, seems to be too strange to be a coincidence.

5 second review: The mystery part of the show is good. It feels a bit like Lost. But there is way too much drama and way too much cliche (the young mom separated from her child, the wrongfully accused black man). The last minute of the pilot episode is very cool. It is a good reason to sit through the entire thing.

IMDb score: 7,8/10
Our score: 6/10

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Monuments Men is terrible

5 second plot: George Clooney puts together a team of 'soldiers' (buddies of his) in World War II that tries to locate important pieces of art and prevent these from being destroyed.

5 second review: What a terrible movie. The over-romanticized-based-on-true-events story made my toes curl more often then it should have. Was this supposed to be a reference to the war movies of the good old days? Well, that failed miserably. What is a comedy genius like Bill Murray doing in this? The art pieces and the treasure hunting are cool, but everything else? What a mess. Just ridiculous.

IMDb score: 6,1/10
Our score: 1/10

Monday, February 3, 2014

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 17: Sunrise

5 second plot: Barney teaches two guys how to 'live'. Marshall continues 'the' fight with two imaginary ghost-Lilys. And Ted lets Robin go. Finally. How many hours is it until the wedding? 13? Get some sleep will ya.

5 second review: Barney's adventure is fun stuff. But Marshall and Ted's isn't. Stop wining already.

IMDb score: 8,4/10
Our score: 7/10

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Barefoot is a cutie

5 second plot: Jay gets in trouble with the police and is assigned a job as a janitor in a mental hospital. There he meets Daisy. She is really sweet but doesn't know anything about anything because her mother raised her very isolated. They end up spending a lot of time together and learn a thing or two from each other and about themselves.

5 second review: This is a movie for people who like sweet romantic comedies. If you're not in to that, you'll probably hate it. If you don't think Daisy is a cutie-pie, you will hate the comedy her character brings. Personally I loved it, except for the overly dramatic soundtrack from time to time.

IMDb score: 6,7/10
Our score: 8,5/10