Thursday, May 31, 1990

Seinfeld Season 1 is a good start

5 second plot: In this very short first season Jerry meets a beautiful woman and then stakes out her work, tries to find a new apartment, tries to break up with a guy-friend and tries his luck on the stock exchange.

5 second review: I love the entire formula of Seinfeld. The stand-up bits, all the characters, the every day stories,... it's a perfect formula for lots of fun. And it's timeless. It's classic stuff. Already from the get-go.

IMDb score: 8,9/10
Our score: 9/10

Friday, February 16, 1990

Nightbreed Director's Cut is spectacular

5 second plot: Boone dreams about a place called Midian. When he goes to this place in his dreams he's always seeing monsters. He thinks he's losing mind until one day someone shows him the way. He finds out that this place is for real. And he has to go there to fulfill his destiny.

5 second review: Cronenberg is terrible in his role as the doctor. The story doesn't start off as coherent as it should. But it gets better as it moves along. If you're a fan of monster movies, this one's for you. There is an awesome display of creatures in here. The gore is also pretty neat. And towards the end it gets really spectacular.

IMDb score: 6,6/10
Our score: 6/10