Wednesday, November 17, 1982

1990: The Bronx Warriors is one of those movies

5 second plot: A rich girl from Manhattan flees to the Bronx where several gangs rule the streets. An evil corporation/the cops have plans to turn the gangs against each other and clean house.

5 second review: You can only enjoy this if you like '80s Italian sci-fi old school VHS memorabilia. It's fun to be able to say that you watched the movie, but it's not always a pleasant experience to be watching it. The most bizarre thing for me is the posture of the lead character 'Trash'. The way he stands, walks, fights or even rides a motorcycle is one of the weirdest thing I have ever seen in a movie. It looks like he's trying to hold onto something between his butt-cheeks the entire time.

IMDb score: 5,3/10
Our score: 3/10