Thursday, September 25, 1997

Seinfeld Season 9 isn't an ideal goodbye

5 second plot: George starts working for a company where nobody cares about anything. It's a perfect fit. The gang goes to a wedding in India. Reversed. Kramer's coffee table book is optioned for a movie. He retires. Elaine eats a 60 year old cake, worth $29000. Jerry starts sleeping with his maid. But then she stops cleaning. So what's he paying her for?

5 second review: There are a couple of legendary (crazy bonkers) episodes in this final season that you just have to see. But you can skip the final two episodes. Their added value is 0. It must have been a lot of fun for the creators, but not for the fans.

IMDb score: 8,9/10
Our score: 7,5/10