Friday, June 17, 1983

Fanny and Alexander are not really the main characters

5 second plot: The kids from the title are part of a big warm family with a kind grandmother leading them all in the right direction. But not all is good. One of her sons dies and his widow remarries a terrible man that can't keep up his appearances very long and starts to bully her and her children.

5 second review: My god, this movie lasts forever... And nothing really happens in it. The cinematography, sets and some back stories are okay, but for the most part I couldn't stop thinking how incredibly boring and stupid I thought this movie was. There is very little entertainment value. I can't believe this movie won the foreign language Oscar. But I'm glad I sat through it. However stupid I thought it was, it's still a classic must see.

IMDb score: 8,2/10
Our score: 2/10