Friday, April 10, 2015

Lost River is random weirdness

5 second plot: Billy is a mom with two kids. They are living in an town where everyone who could leave, has already left. She's not able to pay the bank so she takes on a new (weird) job. Her teenage son Bones is stealing copper to get some money but he entered someone else's territory and this guy's pissed off. But then Bones finds an underwater city. This might be his chance to lift the curse on his town.

5 second review: I was willing to give this movie a chance. I heard that it was not good. But I tried. I really did. It felt like I was watching some randomly put together weird images. And if it were happy go lucky, then it might have been okay. But it's deep and sad. And that made it even worse for me.

IMDb score: 6/10
Our score: 0/10