Sunday, February 8, 2015

Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 1: Uno

5 second plot: This is the origin story of Saul Goodman, Breaking Bad's awesome lawyer. He's not getting any cases, he isn't making any money, his office is a dump and he doesn't look very happy. But he's got a couple of tricks up his sleeve. The only question is: when are his tricks going to start paying off.

5 second review: I am left with a lot of questions. What year are we? And 1 minute later: what year are we now? What is he doing? Who's that? Why is he...? We're not getting a lot of answers in this pilot episode. And it's great. I am very interested in finding out what the heck is going to happen next.

IMDb score: 9,3/10
Our score: 8,5/10