Friday, February 27, 2015

The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 11-24

5 second plot:
Ep 11: The gang celebrates Christmas Victorian style. The guys let a bird get into the clean room.
Ep 12: Amy and Penny go shopping while the guys wait and keep an eye on their purses.
Ep 13: Sheldon is not making any progress solving dark matter problems so he tries a new approach.
Ep 14: Sheldon and Leonard publish a theory on super fluid. Stephen Hawking is intrigued.
Ep 15: Stewart's new comic book store is almost going to re-open. Howie's mom dies.
Ep 16: Sheldon and Penny take a love test. The airport loses Howie's mom.
Ep 17: Amy finds out that Sheldon filled out an application to go to Mars.
Ep 18: An article in Scientific American about Leonard and Sheldon's paper doesn't mention Leonard.
Ep 19: Leonard and Sheldon try to get in to Skywalker Ranch but things don't quite go as planned.
Ep 20: Penny and Leonard are guests in Wil Wheaton's podcast. Howard meets his half-brother.
Ep 21: The guys work on a project to send a message into space. Penny has another go at acting.
Ep 22: Raj buys a drone, but it's not working. The guys decide to fix it themselves.
Ep 23: Leonard and Sheldon's mom are visiting. They do not get along very well.
Ep 24: Amy and Sheldon have a fight. Leonard and Penny are finally getting married. Probably.

5 second review: There's lots of emotional stuff going on this season (Howie's mom dies). But overall it's still a lot of fun. With all the regular ingredients: smart ass, goofy, sweet, and super relaxed. It's just a shame they end the season on a somewhat 'less happy' note. The final episode is completely different in tone compared to the other episodes. But that doesn't spoil the fun of the season.

IMDb score: 8,5/10
Our score: 9/10