Friday, December 12, 2014

Exodus: Gods and Kings starts off with a bang

5 second plot: Moses and Ramses are best friends. They're like brothers. One day, Ramses finds out that Moses is a Hebrew. And not just any Hebrew. He's the one from the prophecy. The leader that will free all the slaves (Ramses' slaves) and guide them to the promised land. Ramses is not too happy about that.

5 second review: This movie starts off really cool with an awesome battle in amazing sets (and maybe a little bit of CGI). But then it slows down. And then the brutal plagues set in. They take like forever. And then finally the exodus begins, but there's no more mojo. It's just gone. It got stuck in the first half hour. So it's half an hour of great spectacle and two hours of boring aftermath.

IMDb score: 6,3/10
Our score: 4/10