Friday, March 27, 2015

Robot Overlords could have been fun

5 second plot: The world is in the hands of alien robots. They say they just want to examine the human race. And when they're done, they will leave. All humans have to stay indoors. Except for a handful of collaborators. Sean and a couple of friends figure out a way to disable their tracking system. They go looking for Sean's dad.

5 second review: The idea is cool, the robots are decent and it's a pretty solid adventure story. And it's even funny from time to time. The evil humans might be a bit much. Ben Kingsley takes it a tad too far. This makes it a lot less fun than it could have been. And it's too bad the movie eventually spirals completely out of control and turns into a ridiculous mess. That too.

IMDb score: 4,6/10
Our score: 5,5/10