Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Last Man on Earth Season 1 Episode 1-4

5 second plot:
Ep 1: Phil is the last man on earth. He knows because he checked the entire US of A. Now he's settling in Tuscon, gets himself a big house filled with cool stuff. But he gets really really bored. And just when he decides to kill himself, he meets Carol.
Ep 2: Carol and Phil are not a good match but they need to repopulate the world. Carol wants to get married first though, and she's serious about marriage.
Ep 3: Carol and Phil get married. They do the whole shebang. And start working on the repopulation. But they are still a horrible match. And then they meet another woman.
Ep 4: The new woman is gorgeous and Phil wants to get out of his marriage with Carol. But he's a decent guy, so he does the right thing. For now.

5 second review: Thank god there's more than one person in this show. Because I was starting to relive Tom Hanks talking to the ball (featured prominently in the first episodes). It's a fun show and it's great to see Phil doing everything every guy would do if he were the last man on earth. I have a couple of questions. Where are all the dead bodies? Did they vanish? How about animals? And is he going to fall in his shit-pool?

IMDb score: 8,1/10
Our score: 8/10