Monday, June 2, 2014

Conan Season 4 Episode 93: Kellan Lutz

5 second plot: Conan kicks off the show with a little thing called Coffee Table Books That Didn't Sell. After that Kellan Lutz is on to talk about his inventions and The Expendables 3. Next up is Kate McKinnon from Saturday Night Live. And then stand-up comedy from Gary Vider.

5 second review: Conan's monologue and the Coffee Table Book segment is really good. Why did I notice that? Because it's not always this smart and funny. (But no worries Conan, I'm always laughing, even when it's really stupid.) Kate McKinnon is da bomb. Shy Stallone is off the charts funny.

IMDb score: not yet available on posting date
Our score: 9/10