Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Season 1 Episode 76: Jennifer Lopez/Keenen Ivory Wayans

5 second plot: Tonight the show is broadcasting from the Universal Orlando Resort. Jimmy starts the show with clips of Brian Williams (the news anchor) edited to look like he's rapping. Then Jimmy and his sidekick buy the perfect Harry Potter wand. Jennifer Lopez is next to promote her new album A.K.A. And Keener Ivory Wayans pops in to talk about Last Comic Standing.

5 second review: The Roots must be the coolest band in showbiz, right? Jimmy is one hell of a performer, entertainer and seems to be a really nice guy. J-Lo did not look like the cover of her album at all. But I must say her performance is quite a blast.

IMDb score: not yet available on posting date
Our score: 7/10